TWi Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Intech for US Inhalation Market

March 25, 2017. TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“TWi”) (Stock Ticker: 4180) today signed a cooperation agreement with Intech BioPharm (“Intech”) for the US inhalation market and the first cooperation project is aimed for an inhaler drug indicated for the treatment of asthma, which the annual sale in unit is 35 million in the US.

TWi is glad to have the opportunity cooperating with Intech, one of the pioneers in Taiwan focused on HFA MDI technology platform and related products, to further expand its product portfolio for the US market.

With its superior HFA MDI platforms, Intech has successfully got several generic products approved and listed in Taiwan. TWi is specialized in the US market focusing on the development of high-entry-barrier or niche generic products. With its well-established sales team and well-connected sales channels in the US, TWi already launched several products to the US market successfully. The cooperation with Intech is based on the technology platform with leverage to each party's expertise in R&D, manufacturing, regulatory application, litigation, and sales and marketing, where Intech will be responsible for initial development, in vitro BE studies, and manufacturing and TWi will be responsible for in vivo BE studies and clinical trials, patent and litigation management, regulatory application, and sales and marketing.

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TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company based in Taipei, Taiwan, focusing on the development of high-entry-barrier generic prescription products ranging from oral controlled release dosage form to novel drug delivery systems including the utilization of nanoparticles, transdermal, and oral delivery systems. Leveraging its internal research and development capabilities, together with operational flexibility, process development, manufacturing and regulatory expertise, TWi Pharmaceuticals concentrates on products and technologies that present significant barriers to entry or offer unparalleled market opportunities in the United States.

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