Twi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announces the acquisition of Hainan Visum Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in China, starting the new chapter of international mergers and acquisitions.

On June13, 2014, TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (TWi, 4180TT) announces the investment to acquire at least 50% of the equity of Visum Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Visum) in Hainan, China, and obtain the control of the operation of Visum.


Visum is a specialty pharmaceutical company, located in the Hi-Tech Development Zone in Haikou, China, is focusing on the development and manufacturing of high barrier oral solid dosage drugs. Visum is managed by a strong technical and quality team composed by oversea returners who have extensive international pharmaceutical experiences. The company currently has submitted five drug applications to the CFDA of China and one ANDA to the USA FDA. Visum now has about seventy employees, and forty six of them are research and development personnel.


This investment has two meanings, first is strategic product collaboration, and second is merge through the equity investment. In terms of product cooperation, through a licensing agreement entered by both parties TWi has submitted the ANDA application to FDA for a high barrier generic drugs used to treat high blood pressure on May 30, 2014. If the product is approved in the future, the parties will share profit. According to IMS data, in 2013 this drug has the market size over US$ 1.1 billion in the United States. As for the China market, only the brand name drug is on the market with the revenue reached RMB 1.6 billion in 2013. In May 2013, Visum has initiated the submission to China CFDA for this product to obtain the marketing approval.


Regarding the acquisition of equity, In addition to obtaining at least 50% equity via this investment, depending on the operating conditions in the future TWi will continue to invest and as a result expects to own more than 70% of equity of Visum. Through this investment, TWi expects to strengthen its technology capability, expand the research and development team, enter the China market, and get a production base in China, which may reduce production costs and diversify production risk.


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