Leveraging international experience to establish roots in Taiwan

Chih-Ming Chen, Ph.D.: Chairman

Dr. Chih-Ming Chen serves as chairman since inception of the company. In 1993, Dr. Chen co-founded Andrx Corporation in Florida, USA. Under his leadership, Andrx has filed several significant ANDA’s of controlled-release (CR) oral dosage forms, mostly with PIV in the 90’s. He and his team obtained over 50 patents and more than 20 ANDA approvals of mostly CR products in US. In 2002, Dr. Chen founded his second company, Anchen Pharmaceuticals in Irvine, California with its initial R&D labs in Taiwan, which was spun off and went public in Taipei Exchange in December 2013. Dr. Chen brings his experience in R&D technology of various dosage forms and his business savviness to TWi Pharma and continues to focus on producing niche products. Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Ohio State University and B.S./M.S. degrees in Pharmacy from National Taiwan University.

   Nick Liu: President

Mr. Nick Liu has joined the Company since 2017 and assumed the responsibilities for corporate strategy, business development, and coordination among all the resources to support R&D development and business expansion. By leveraging his extensive experience of industry expertise and financial management, Mr. Liu is devoted to successfully delivering the growth potentials from TWi’s extensive R&D pipeline as well as aggressively diversifying the portfolio with combined efforts from internal intelligence and external strategic partners. Mr. Liu received his MBA degree from University of Washington.

   Jian-bo Xie: EVP – R&D & COO

Mr. Jian-bo Xie possesses over 20 years of experience in research and development of high-barrier pharma manufacturing process. He completed 8 Paragraph IV ANDA application submissions with specialization in generic controlled release development and high-barrier drugs mass production. Prior to joining TWi, Mr. Xie had senior R&D positions with Andrx, Actavis, and Par Pharmaceuticals. During the time with Par, he led an annual average of 10-12 new R&D projects and achieved an outstanding industry record. Mr. Xie holds 6 US patents. Mr. Xie received his master degree from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, P.R China.

   Rick Pallokat: EVP – US Commercial Operations

Mr. Rick Pallokat is responsible for TWi US operations. He brings in more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and has great track records in his generic business career. Prior to joining TWi, Rick worked for Zenith Goldline, Andrx, and most recently DAVA. During his time with DAVA, Rick held various positions, including Sales VP, Operations VP, and Senior VP. He led and managed market development, product sales, supply chain, product pricing, and marketing strategies. He built the sales and marketing team that launched the first generic product for DAVA and accomplished significant business results. Mr. Rick Pallokat graduated from University of Fairleigh Dickinson and received his MBA degree in Marketing.

   Ling-Ying Liaw: SVP - Non-oral R&D

Ms. L.Y. Liaw has over 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing operations and supply chain management, including injectable products development. Ms. Liaw is the Senior Vice President in charge of Non-oral Research and Development in TWi. Prior to joining TWi, she served for U-Liang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and held positions as R&D Manager, Site Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director and Liaison Pharmacist. Ms. Liaw was Chairman for Committee of Regulatory Affairs & Technology of Taiwan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association from 2005 to 2012. Ms. Liaw received her master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from National Taiwan University.

   Guangwei Lu – VP, New Business Development

Mr. Guangwei Lu has joined the Company since 2018 and been in charge of New Business Development to lead TWi for further expanding into a diversified portfolio. Mr. Lu brings in more than 20 years of experience in developing and evaluating novel platform technologies in formulations, drug delivery systems and manufacturing processes with successfully delivering numerous projects in oral, transdermal, semi-solid, ophthalmic dosage forms previously at Allergan, Pfizer, Pharmacia, and Johnson & Johnson. Mr. Lu received his Ph.D. in Pharmacy from University of Georgia.

   David Chou: VP – Production & Technical Service

Mr. David Chou has more than 28 years of manufacturing and management experience for GMP pharmaceutical factory. Prior to joining TWi, David served for Center Laboratories, INC., Canadian Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Pacific) Ltd. and St. Shine Optical Co., Ltd. He was dedicated to process improvement, scaling up and cost control. David joined TWi in 2004 and is in charge of manufacturing, including oral solid, oral liquid/suspension and semisolid product lines. He has successfully led TWi Chungli -Plant to pass US/FDA inspections for 3 times and commercial production of 4 ANDA products to US market. David received his B.S. degree of Pharmacy from Pharmacy department of Taipei Medical University.